Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LDL lowered to level compatible with CAD regression

Cholesterol levels markedly improved. Three months ago, LDL was 102. Today, 72. This is a highly significant drop.

Since stent for LAD lesion in May '07, intensive lipid lowering pharmacologic therapy (statin and niacin) had been successful. However, LDL had stabilized at ~100. Last evaluation had been 5/08 (102). While improved from pre-stent levels still not sufficiently decreased to expect regression of CAD lesions or even stabilization.

I expected an improvement in LDL levels. I did not expect results would take place in less than a month. To my surprise, LDL drawn 8/2 was 72. This is a statistically highly significant decrease with a p < 0.01.

An increase in 5-HTP, glutamate supplements and Canola oil are the only changes in Rx. Dr. Kashi may be finally impressed.

Delta Weight in Kashi's office since 5/08 8 lbs.

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